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How To Download WordPress Automatic Plugin For Free  [Latest Version & 100% Working] 

Download WordPress Automatic Plugin

Do you want to make an automated website to earn money via blogging? If yes, then there’s the best tool that can help you entirely.

WordPress Automatic Plugin is one of the best content scraper plugins. It automatically posts new articles, links to Clickbank and Amazon products, YouTube videos, and feed posts. 

It’s paid plugin with premium features. So, let’s explore its features and learn how to download the WordPress Automatic Plugin’s latest version for free. 

Download WordPress Automatic Plugin & Install [Latest Version]

Here’s a step-by-step guide to downloading the latest version of the automatic wp plugin and installing it in just one click:

Step 1: Download the plugin by clicking on the FREE DOWNLOAD BUTTON.

Step 2: Go to plugins in the wp dashboard > Add new plugin > Upload new plugin. 

Step 3: Select the downloaded file and upload it.

Step 4: Activate & enjoy


Here’s a list of premium wp automatic plugin features: 

  • Automatic posting of videos from YouTube to WordPress
  • Automatically upload & post pictures from Flickr to WordPress
  • The automatic posting of content from Reddit to WordPress
  • Automatic posting to WordPress from Pinterest
  • Posts will automatically import from Instagram to WordPress
  • Tweets will automatically post to your WordPress blog
  • Posts will automatically import from Facebook to WordPress
  • Publish content to WordPress from CareerJet
  • Listings from Craigslist automatically post to WordPress
  • Automatic posting to WordPress from Envato
  • Immediately publish items from ClickBank to WordPress
  • Automated posting of items from AliExpress to WordPress
  • Automatically upload goods from eBay to WordPress
  • Products from Amazon will automatically post to WordPress.
  • Automatic posting to WordPress from a variety of RSS feeds
  • Automated posting of videos from TikTok to blogs on WordPress
  • Spintax articles will automatically post to the WordPress
  • Automatic posting of content from Ezines to WordPress
  • Automatic posting to WordPress from iTunes.
  • Sounds will automatically post to WordPress from SoundCloud
  • Automatic posting of videos from DailyMotion to WordPress
  • Auto-publish Vimeo films to WordPress

Why do people use WordPress Automatic Plugin & recommend it?

The WordPress Automatic Plugin can work with at least 20 different kinds of campaigns. It gets information from the most popular social, affiliate, and regular websites and publish it. 

People love & buy this plugin because it automates your content strategy. You need to set your campaign for auto-publishing the content. 

Now let’s see how this plugin works. What are the best strategies for using this plugin?

How to use WordPress automatic plugin?

It’s very simple and easy to use. You only need to run an advertising campaign. The WordPress Automatic Plugin will post optimized content based on the settings you choose for your campaign.

You need to click on publish button after choosing your Campaign settings like campaign type, campaign keywords, post template, post filters & other options. 

Campaign Features: 

  • Remove the words and phrases that you select
  • Insert keywords as a tag
  • Capability for customized post types
  • Keyword recommendation
  • Auto backlink keywords
  • You can translate the content before publishing
  • Configure the featured image of WordPress manually