Application that auto-unsubscribes free trials by Steve Shields 0.00 0

We live in the great digital age where nearly everything as a free trial. If you are like me, you enjoy using these free trials. Also a marketplace with free trials that will cancel automatically.

Hologram Guided GPS by Kaden Scharmota 0.00 0

This is a GPS that is displayed as a hologram on the drivers windshield. It is opaque enough to not distract the driver but still visible in their vision without the driver's focus.

Transparent Grill Cover by Amanda Firestone 0.00 0

A grill cover, that you can check on, simply by looking over the cover, rather than opening up the hot, uncomfortable smoke coming at your face.

Make it easier to find and donate to local charities. by Allison Guy 0.00 0

A website and app that show you the charities in your area, lets them post and update lists of item that are needed for donation, and tells you where and how to drop off donations.

VR learning/teaching tools/software by Stefan Dobre 0.00 0

Imagine: Being a student in medicine and performing an operation in VR. Learning the human anatomy with an VR softewere. A car engineer studying the engine and the laws of physics . Etc...

Colorblind glasses that make you colorblind by Elliot Martin 0.00 0

Some have heard of the glasses that can help you see color if you are colorblind called encroma. I want glasses that make you colorblind instead.

The Water Content Stick by Shak Kataev 0.00 0

A pregnancy test -esque stick that, when briefly dipped in water, will detect compounds, chemicals, toxins, acidity, and micro organisms, all to be used to test for potability/toxicity.

The electricity crisis relief by Bishwash Pokhrel 0.00 0

Nepals karnali river has the potentiality to light up almost whole south Asia .So why not open a hydropowe plant in that region

Affordable lights on 3rd world country by Happy Tree 0.00 0

A solar energy powered light bulb that can be charged. A charging station in each city that can provide family and quick charged on their light bulb.

TooDoo - The To-Do List Game App by Reema Asendar 0.00 0

An app that turns your To-Do list into game missions, rewarding you with points for the missions or quests you complete.

Enviro Friendly Housing by Danny Venegas 0.00 0

Government invests in construction of mini communities that are solar powered, water efficient and have vegetation.

A modular laptop by Joan Muntaner 0.00 0

Nowadays, you can build your own computer using a computer case and buying whatever component you want. It would be awesome if we could do the same in laptops.

Different Car Horn Settings by Donovan Blessing 0.00 0

Depending on the situation, you can choose which horn sound to use

Portable battery charged by the exhaust of a car by Alex Phan 0.00 0

A battery stored in the trunk that can be charged by the exhaust of the car pushing fan blades that inturn convert it into electrical energy

Bicycle Theft Recovery GPS Tracker by Will Macdonald 0.00 0

Easy theft recovery for stolen bicycles.

Car Dashboard Indicator for Backseat Seatbelts by Marisa Craig 13.00 8

An indicator on the dashboard to let the driver know specifically which seats in the back are not properly buckled.

Telebase Alpha by Eric Hunting 0.00 0

Proposal to found an open public space program using an Internet accessed prototype telerobotic Moonbase/Marsbase built as a community hobby robotics project.

Send out of date electronics to deprived areas of the world by braton12 0.00 0

In the west we throw away countless electronics when they become "Out of date", but many of these are still usable and could be used to build infrastructure where it doesn't exist.

Easy Online Job Search Solution by Akayn Ali 0.00 0

A company or an individual who wants to hire somebody no matter for a specific job or permanently, according to the nearest location and as close qualifications.

Web Technology Education Made Compulsory. by Shahid Ameen 0.00 0

Education about Web must be taught to every children in the school because this is ERA OF TECHNOLOGY. We have to take a look at this. We have to teach our children's about Cyber crimes. Piracy etc.

Online service to make you disappear from the internet by Tyler Egashira 0.00 0

This Service would go through and make sure you are no longer searchable through the web by removing any trace of you on mailing lists/websites/social media.

Battery Regeneration via Other Phone by SD SoDeep 0.00 0

When someone's phone is dying and they have no charger and your phone has some juice transfer some battery life to your friend!!!!!!


A store or website that allows custom candle ordering by shape, color, size, and scent.

Self Dust-Ceaning Computer Casing by Liew Jia Jun 0.00 0

A computer casing that has the ability to clean away internal dust at the best of its ability.

sponsored runs for charity social networking app by Shaun Barratt 0.00 0

Social networking app for charity; start a 'run,' gain followers and participants, and hopefully some donations to a good cause along the way. Runs can be tracked live via gps etc.

Item Reserve In Stores by Shackles Victoria Amy 0.00 0

Stores having online interfaces updated in real-time (scanning an item at checkout or through reserving will remove from inventory), stores of same chain would have one website.

Interpreter Go App by Daniel Arreola Reyes 0.00 0

An App on your phone in which you can speak straight into it and it will automatically interpret into whatever other language you desire! Perfect for travelers!

An app for potential blood donors by Andrew Abashidze 0.00 0

A mobile phone app that will let anyone share their blood type with the main database and help people in need.

Parabolic Electricity Generating Water Purifiers by Francis Sherwood 0.00 0

These large power-stations will be build just off the coast of major cities around the equator. They will use the sunlight to purify water and generate electricity.

Left-Handed Piano by Niko Korolog 0.00 0

A chiral variant on the piano, this mirror image piano would have low notes on the right side, and high notes on the left side. Perfect for testing your coordination, and as a novelty item.